We offer more than just MRI scans; we offer a dedication to clarity, comfort, and precision. Our commitment is to provide the most accurate diagnostics while ensuring your utmost ease throughout the process.

About Our Imaging Center

MRI Diagnostics With Excellence.

We specialize in advanced MRI diagnostics. Using the latest technology combined with our decade-long expertise, we offer precise, clear, and comprehensive imaging services. Beyond the technology, we prioritize the patient experience—ensuring comfort, understanding, and a deep sense of empathy in every interaction.

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Diagnostic Excellence

Comprehensive MRI Services in Kerrville 

Brain & Neurological Scans

Used to detect tumors, aneurysms, bleeding in the brain, nerve injuries, strokes and other brain abnormalities.

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Spinal MRI

Helps in diagnosing disc herniations, spinal cord injuries, tumors, or infections in the spine.

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Evaluates joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. Common for assessing sports injuries.

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Abdominal & Pelvic MRI

Can evaluate organs like the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, and pelvic organs. Useful in detecting tumors, inflammatory diseases, or other abnormalities.

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Cardiac MRI

Assesses the heart's anatomy and function. It's useful in identifying congenital heart defects, inflammation of the heart's lining, or other issues

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Vascular MRA

Used to visualize blood vessels and blood flow. Helps in diagnosing issues like aneurysms or blockages.

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Often used as a supplementary tool to mammography for detecting breast cancer or evaluating the extent of pre-existing conditions

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Functional MRI (fMRI)

Measures and maps the brain's activity. While traditionally used in research, it's becoming more common in clinical practices to assess brain health and function.

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Why Choose Us

Your Trusted Partner

Choosing Stone Imaging is choosing unparalleled dedication, expertise, and care. Discover why our approach in Kerrville stands out, guiding you from uncertainty to understanding

Compassionate Understanding

From the worries of claustrophobia to the stress of the unknown, we get it. At Stone Imaging, you're not just another appointment. You're an individual with concerns, and we listen. Our aim? To transform your journey from one of anxiety to one of clarity and comfort.

Precision Meets Empathy

Advanced MRI technology is at the core of what we do, but it's our human touch that sets us apart. As you move from discomfort to relief, you'll find our expert team by your side, merging top-tier diagnostics with genuine care.

Local Heart, Global Standards

Proudly serving Kerrville, TX, Stone Imaging is a testament to hometown values with world-class standards. Your transformation from pain to understanding happens right here, backed by a team deeply rooted in the community and committed to excellence.