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Stone Imaging, Kerrville's trusted MRI provider, merges advanced technology with compassionate care for unparalleled diagnostic clarity.

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Each person's path to wellness is distinctive. From discomfort in your back to unease about your MRI procedure, trust in our dedication to providing you with the utmost quality of care and support.


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Cultivating Clarity, Building Trust.

Stone Imaging's foundation is deeply rooted in the dedication and expertise of our founders, Josh and Jessica Stone. We're not just any diagnostic center; we're a family-run business, anchored by strong professional values. Over the years, our passion for precision and patient care has resonated within the Kerrville medical community. We have strong relationships and respect for local doctors and our mission is to become a beacon of trust and excellence in MRI diagnostics in Kerrville, TX.

"Medical technology teaches us to challenge the impossible and turn it into a reality for the sake of humanity."

– Benjamin Carson

Our Value

Kerrville's Premier MRI Center


Our goal is to ensure every patient feels understood, cared for, and supported throughout their diagnostic journey.


We aim to continuously leverage the latest MRI technology and expertise, delivering precise and clear results every time.


Our mission is to be Kerrville’s most trusted MRI provider, fostering deep connections with both patients and the broader medical community.

Josh Stone - Stone Imaging, Kerrville TX

Message from Founder

Compassion, Excellence and Trust.

My journey towards establishing this center began long before its inception, during my formative years in high school. It was during that time that I realized my fervent commitment for caring for others.

Those years were pivotal in shaping my passion for caring for others, an ember that ignited as I worked at a nursing home, extending compassionate support to those in need. These early experiences served as my driving force, fueling an unwavering desire within me to make a meaningful difference.

The impact of these early experiences inspired me to follow a path, leading me to become a Radiology Technician and later a Physican Assistant. Armed with over a decade of hands-on experience, I set forth on a mission to establish a center that not only provides advanced diagnostic solutions but also prioritizes a comforting experience for every patient.

Our motto "Compassion in every scan, Excellence in every Result, Trust in every Interaction", is not just a set of words, It's a promise. A promise that every patient will be treated with genuine understanding, that our technology and expertise will provide the best results, and that our relationships—be it with patients, doctors, or the Kerrville community—are built on an unwavering foundation of trust."

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Josh Stone